Thursday, December 10, 2015

It is Thursday and you know what that means !!!

Running out of display space? This time of the year there are so many cute craftivities to display. A quick and easy solution is to hang butcher paper from doors and cupboards for temorary display space. I used 2 old pants hangers I saved from my grandmothers closet, but you can get hangers with clips at the Goodwill stores or Target. Make your own with a metal hanger and some clothes pins. If the hangers do not fit over your particular door, use a wreath door hanger on the door, then hang the metal hangers from there.
Attach items with tape - single sided or double sided. Yes it will tear a bit when you take it down, but it is "disposable" display space.
Or cut a small slice into the paper with a craft knife - slip a large paper clip onto the butcher paper through the slice, then slip the craftivity up under the paper clip to hold it in place.
The Angel, Elf and Jingle Jack in A Box are from Alphabet Art Upper case and the jolly Santa is from What's New For December.
Next week when the last cupcake crumbs are being swept away, the displays come down quicly and easily!

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