Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back to School Night Desk Top Diorama

Back to School Night Desk Top Diorama

Parents always want to know where their 

child sits and they will be impressed

with this easy stand up project.  

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"I can eat a healthy lunch" diorama
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Start with a rectangle sheet of paper. I am showing 2 sizes 
(81/2 x11 ) and (9x12).
1. Fold the paper in half length wise and cut.
2. Put 1 piece aside.
3. Fold the 2nd piece length wise so 1 piece is narrower than the      other and cut.
4. Trim approx. 1 inch off the end of the middle piece.
5. Trim approx. 2 inches off the end of the bottom piece.

   6.   Display items should be glued along the top edge of each strip.

7. Stack the strips on top of each other
widest on the bottom, medium width in the middle and narrowest on top.
8. Line up the left edges and the bottom edges to match. 
9. All bottom edges should be even and all left edges should be    even with each other.
10. Staple together along left edge.
11. Pull all the right edges together and staple. The diorama will
 stand on it's own.

Below I am showing and 81/2 in x 11 in version using a sentence strip as the bottom strip:
   You can see a demonstration of this 
project on my youtube channel
Wendy's Bookworks 

These projects can also be used to teach a lesson or concept. Below is an example of a diorama showing a healthy lunch example - good info for both students and parents.

These patterns are part of a freebie pattern set at my store at 
Teachers Pay Teachers   and 
Teachers Notebook

Below I have posted more samples of ways to use this diorama idea and noted which books the patterns came from.

These patterns are from Alphabet Art Upper Case and Paper Plate Phonics
Beginning Sounds

The numeral 5 is from the Number Art Book and I used hand shaped cut outs and magazine pictures.

The Circle Tea Pot is from the Shape Art Book and I also used magazine pictures.

For this last one I used body shaped cut outs so students could make their families. They wrote their name, address and phone number on the bottom strip.

Watch for more ways to use this basic diorama through the year.!!