Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Few More Treats for Halloween

One of my favorite read-aloud books is One Witch by Laura Leuk.  The rhymes count forward from one to ten and then back from ten to one and the art is wonderful. The art appeals to the older kids as well as the younger ones and offers great opportunities for story starters and rhyme rewrites.


In keeping with the theme of our last several new products, I am adding 2 more File Folder Games to our product line reinforcing the concepts of the skeleton. 

The first one shows a girl running and the child can overlay the skeleton parts in the correct places. It can be reversed by gluing the skeleton to the file folder then letting the child place the parts of the girl over the correct skeleton pieces. 

The second File Folder Game shows skeletons from various animals (including human) and the child places the "animal cards" in the correct pocket.

These File Folder Games are available on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook.  Click here to find these titles on our Science page.

One last treat!
All of our science products
will be on sale from
Friday (10/28) through Sunday (10/30)

Have a happy, healthy, and safe Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Interactive Brain Hat: Wear It - Label It - Display It

Everyone likes more brain power and learning about your brain and nervous system will do just that! As the students make their brain cap and attach different colors of yarn for each area of the brain, they get concrete knowledge about how the different parts of the brain interact. When they gather the ends of the yarn, bring them together and run them through the spinal column, they get concrete knowledge about how the brain communicates with the body.

Includes patterns for:  
Brain Hat
Spinal Column
Front and Back Rib Poncho

Hands-On, Brain-Engaged

Sale on Brain Hat 

Thursday 10/20/16 - Saturday 10/22/16

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Interactive Muscles: Wear It - Label It - Display It

Which muscle makes us smile or raise an eyebrow?  Which muscles do we need to kick a ball or play a piano?  When kids make and wear muscle mittens, the muscle sleeves and leggings and the muscle poncho, they can find and label those muscles to help them understand how the body moves. The muscle face mask is especially spooky. This is how we look without skin! Hands-On, Brain-Engaged.

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Sale on Interactive Muscles 

Thursday 10/13/16 - Saturday 10/15/16

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Interactive Skeleton: Wear It - Label It - Display It

Kids love to make and wear the bone mittens, bone sleeves and leggings, rib ponchos, and especially the skull mask! When they wear them, they get a real insight into how their bodies are constructed. One of my favorite comments was "This is so cool! It's like I'm inside out!"

Labeling and constructing a display skeleton with brads helps the students understand how their joints move and how the bones support and protect their bodies. "What If?" questions give the teacher an opportunity for some critical thinking activities.
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