Thursday, December 3, 2015

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Tis' the season for crafty projects. The problem is many of them require more than one session to finish. Pieces get lost, tears are shed and we end up providing a lot of extra materials as "back up". I have solved this problem with a one gallon resealable bag. The bag has been labeled with the childs name and may or may not have been decorated with stickers. At the end of every craft session, all the pieces go into the bag and the bag gets stored in a cubby, a folder, the desk, or an easily accessable storage box. When the students have finished other work, they can retrieve their bag and work on their projects. Periodically we bag up everything in the cubbies and desks to send home in the bag (usually before vacation) and we label a new bag when we return to school.
I have found this solution helpful for cut and paste activities in a center as well.
Note: The 99 cent store sells 50 one gaallon bags for $1.00 !!
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